Magnesium Muscle Spray

Magnesium Muscle Spray

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Mag Muscle Spray 

2022 is a right shitshow already, but our mag spray most certainly fucking isn't.

Good to go at any time and can be used anywhere.

Made from premium magnesium chloride it can absorb even deeper and faster into the skin, helping to target problem areas (which we know is literally your entire body except for the left eye ball). You can't spray us all over your life - we won't fix that, but we can help to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and headaches caused by constant clusterf*cks or poorly executed CrossFit workouts.

Our non-scented spray means we're covert & can fit into your field kit, go-bags, doomsday prepper bunkers etc. 

  • Read the important shit below if you're a mag spray virgin
  • Spray onto your tight spots (sans the eyes)
  • Massage it in
  • Wipe the residue off & carry on with your day 
  • For sleep: spray onto your stomach and massage gently. Or spray onto legs if you suffer restless legs when you sleep - which annoys the fuck out of everyone.


These ingredients are more active than a WO2 headed for the fat truck.

  • Magnesium chloride, purified water, sheer brilliance.

Important shit: some people may feel tingling or a slight itch which is normal from the natural active ingredient of magnesium chloride (like, this is pretty strong salt people). It's reported to be common amongst people who have a magnesium deficiency and isn't harmful.  Simply wipe the residue off. The magic happens during transdermal absorption when you're massaging it in. So if it tingles or gets itchy, simply wipe off as this won't impact its muscle relief effects. To relieve you can also rub coconut oil or your normal body lotion onto the area to soothe if required. Do not use on cuts or irritated skin because it will burn like a motherf*cker, and that would just be dumb of you. We warned you. If irritation occurs - cease use and seek medical advice. 

oh hello there...
We see you, checking us out.

We've been used on first base, and even second base. But, we rather get you off base and into the tub. Our magnesium blends will have you feeling like a zen motherf*cker.

Check us all out
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I recommend this product

Forget the Chinese massage joints

This little bottle of pure heaven is like 1000 tiny Chinese hands working their magic on your body. You'll never need to go to a seedy Chinese massage joint again, unless you're after a happy ending in a different way

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

******* magic

Have sore muscles from workouts no longer with this magic .

Australia Australia

Where you been all my life?

Bought this magnesium spray for the missus restless legs. What a bloody relief! Stops the tossing and turning like poorly administered Russian sleeping gas! Best relief she has found so far. Fkn legends!

Mitchell T.
Australia Australia

Love the spray

These guys rock! The service and comms are F@*#ing hilarious. Quick postage and great product

Sam B.
Australia Australia

Don’t put it on ya knob!

This stuff is the best! Works great for muscle soreness. However after a big night on the *** my old fella was feeling a bit out of shape so I sprayed some on, big mistake...... burnies!

Myles B.
Australia Australia