Apple Strudel Soy Candle

Apple Strudel - Limited Edition

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Winter is here.

If there's a scent that reminds us of winter - this isn't it. But it's close. 

Smells like freshly baked .. wait for it... Apple Strudel. 

Each medium-sized round contains 220g wax + deliciousness + our salty attitude and has a burn time of approx 18+ hours. 

Made from 100% pure soy wax, zinc & lead-free cotton wicks and premium Australian made fragrances.

Important: Trim the wick down after each burn to stop it from becoming like a mushroom and then causing it to burn like crap and not last as long. Each of our candles are hand-poured and handmade, so if there's any tiny imperfections, lumps or bumps - we actually don't want to hear your complaints.

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