Tactical Recovery Christmas Soy Candles

Illumination Rounds | Christmas Edition

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Let's get Jolly as Fuck.

We've decked the whole base with our limited edition range and once they're sold out, they're sold out. A really fucking important message is that shipping cut off's for most interstate parcels is very early Dec. So get your tinsel out of your asshole, and jump to it, lil festive Champs.

Christmas Illumination Rounds:

  1. Gingerbread Man: warm, freshly toasted motherfucking gingerbread. 
  2. Outback Chrissy: a nod to the scorching outback with our sandalwood blend. 
  3. Nan's Xmas Cookies: malty, vanilla, toasted sweet goodness - and the reason why most of us get fat as fuck during the leave period. 
  4. Jolly as Fuck: a zing to the nostrils with a sweet peppermint candy cane twist. 
  5. Christmas in a Tin: wholly mother of fucking god. This is better than getting promoted. Think dense Christmas pudding, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar - sans the calories.
  6. Vintage Workshop: no fuckwods, it doesn't smell like old oil and petrol. Think old pine and earthy cedarwood with a subtle floral finish. 
  7. Drunk Santa: we know this guy gets lit putting up with Mrs Clause's shit 24/7. A soft bourbon delight with soft vanilla finish. 
  8. Spicy Lil Fucker: we know you lot enjoy a good deep spice blend more than a RAAF-y enjoys their 5-star Live In Accommodation.  This is pretty fucking festive with star anise, clove and all that spicy type shit.
  9. Reindeer Shit: surprisingly their shit doesn't stink. Sweet malty vanilla goodness. It's actually our favourite. 


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