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Long Range Xmas Round | Spiced Plum

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Covert Candle Co Exclusive

45 Hour Burn Time | Spiced Plum & Currant

We see you & we god damn hear you. You wanted a long range candle, so we've fkn delivered it ok - all thanks to our long lost sister brand, Covert Candle Co. We're proudly the exclusive stockist for these bad boys with a Spiced Plum & Currant blend. 

Not a gift for workplace Secret Santa's. We all know that the only deserving person for this, is you - champ.

Blend: Spiced Plum & Currant

Burn Time: 45+ Hours

Candle Care: Trim the god damn wick. If we see one more fucking video with a long ass black wick that's starting to look like a shiitake mushroom, we're going to tax you.

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