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Obnoxious AF Bundle

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We know shit value when we see it. This isn't one of those times.  

Think you don't need this bundle? We'll, firstly - you're wrong. 

If John Wick could endorse this, he would. But we can't afford endorsements like that, so guess that our customer reviews will have to do.

Bundle Contains:

  • 3 x 600g Mag Muscle Soaks (selected by us, at random - just trust us)
  • 1 x Mag + Coffee Shower Scrub
  • 1 x Reveille Mag Shower Gel
  • 1 x 100ml Mag Muscle Spray
  • 2 x Illumination Rounds (because, we've gotta get the mood set for you)

*Important stuff: discount codes and vouchers not eligible for bundles. They're valuable enough, you little tight ass.

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