Hand Sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

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Long briefing sessions can get fucked, and so can germs - apparently. 

We know that having things go up in flames isn't ideal (like our last relationship). So we've especially sourced an approved broad-spectrum antibacterial hand and surface sanitser that's alcohol-free for those that need to travel or who are at risk of being exposed to open flames (such as mines, in kitchens, industrial facilities). 

Does it protect you 100% from the 'ronas? Absolutely fucking not, we're not miracle workers. 

SIZE: 100ml


These ingredients are more active than a Chinese Wet Market
  • Purified water, Glycerine, Pentylene Glycol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride.
NOTE: Do not continue to use if irritation occurs. 
Benzalkonium Chloride is an approved broad-spectrum active for alcohol-free sanitising solutions. If you are prone to skin conditions that affect barrier functioning (eczema etc) or have any skin sensitivities do not use, and seek medical advice. 


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