Evidence Burner, Mens Soy Candle - Tactical Recovery
Evidence Burner - Soy Candle

Evidence Burner - Soy Candle

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Done some sketchy shit that shouldn't see the light of day?

No worries. Just light this, burn the evidence and boom, Bob's' ya uncle. 

Legal Note: Do not do any of the above. Do not commit arson. Do not burn evidence when used in a legal trial. Do however, burn all evidence if you're at the top of the food chain. Self preservation - right? 

Smells like: legal fees, rich dark vanilla and oud wood.

Want something bigger? All of our candles now come large matt black glass jars, complete with a black wooden lid, fancy as fuck gold label and a burn time of over 60 hours. 

Need to know how long these evidence burners will last for? Hold our beer.

TIN: burn time of approx 20-25H

JAR: burn time of approx 60H

Made from 100% pure soy wax, zinc & lead-free cotton wicks and premium Australian made fragrances.

ÔĽŅImportant: ÔĽŅTrim the wick down after each burn to stop it from becoming like a mushroom and then causing it to burn like crap and not last as long. Each of our candles are hand-poured and handmade, so if there's any tiny imperfections, lumps or bumps - we actually don't want to hear your complaints.

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