Magnesium Oil Spray - Tactical Recovery
Magnesium Muscle Spray
Magnesium Muscle Spray
Magnesium Muscle Spray

Magnesium Muscle Spray

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Got muscle tension that's making your life feel like a full-blown assault course?

Before you declare war on those cramps and migraines, arm yourself with our magnesium spray (also known as magnesium oil for those playing at home).

  • Target & Neutralize Muscle Enemies: A direct hit to muscle tension and joint soreness. Operation relaxation is a go.
  • Deploy Deep Sleep Mode: Initiate the kind of sleep that even a tactical drill can't break.
  • Universal Application: Whether it’s your back, legs, or that tricky spot you strained at the gym. Ready for any mission. Unless it's TS. Nothing can help that shit show.
  • Zero Bullshit Formula: We don’t mess around. 100% pure and natural magnesium chloride, without any fragrances or additives. Bare is best.

Application Intel: Two to three sprays on the hostile territory. Rub until it’s all in. Feel a tingle? That’s just the cavalry charging in. Abort mission on intense reactions and always watch out for open wounds and your peepers. If you wanna sooth the itch, slap on our magnesium cream afterwards.

Our Magnesium Oil Spray isn’t just a temporary solution. It's a tactical upgrade to your wellness regimen. Elevate your body’s combat readiness by boosting magnesium levels, kiss those muscle enemies goodbye, ensure your sleep is as restorative as a full gear recharge, and prep your skin to face every field challenge. Simply put, it’s the all-rounder your body has been demanding.

Magnesium chloride, purified water, sheer brilliance.

Briefing Room (FAQs):

Pregnancy-Ready? Hell yeah. But double-check with your medic. Can't be too safe.

Good for the kiddos? Aye, but recon first with a patch test. We’ve got a milder Magnesium Balm for the little troopers.

A bit of a zing on application? If it's your inaugural mission with this spray or if your skin's drier than a sergeant's humour, be ready for some action. For a subtler approach, call in our Magnesium Cream. As per our fkn brief already, do not use this on broken or irritated skin and cease use if irritation occurs. Tingles and the itch are common, ease with mag cream or wipe residue off after 5 minutes once the mag can penetrate the skin. Patch test for a month to get the body used to it - we find feet or stomach work best , and then gradually increase the spread or usage.

Note: We're your relief squad, not doctors or medical professionals - so you can't sue us if you just ignore the warnings and go about your day. Always consult the medic for health-related concerns. Always discontinue use if irritation occurs - ya fuckin' idiot.

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