About Us Tactical Recovery
Let's strip down the details

about us

We're not a brand, we're an attitude.

We're all about doing good shit, with good people - for good people. It's that simple.

TR was born in 2019 and is the child of our overlord / boss who has a wicked sense of humour and passion for obnoxiously telling people what to do. And, in this case, it's telling Defence Members, First Responders and everyday badasses to pause and fuckin' take care of themselves.

Physical and mental strain is real - we see it, and we f*cking know you dead set aren't going to sit there and practice breathing techniques on the reg, so instead....we'll force you to take a bath, long shower or light a motherf*ckin' candle.

Magnesium based muscle recovery is what we're known for. We basically want to be all up, on and over your shitty sore bodies. Always.

TR isn't Veteran owned, although does support a shit tonne of Veteran and Defence-related initiatives both domestically and overseas. The dictators family background is predominantly Defence, including friends and spouse who are serving members - so with this, comes intel in the form of knowing the complete clusterf*ck that's faced most days, and across the workforce in general.

Tactical Recovery officially partners with Legacy Australia with $1 from each order pledged annually.

You won't ever see our dictator on socials, doing interviews or being the face of the brand - because it's not about who owns it, it's about the shit we do and supporting our lil' cult.

Oh, and even though we're mostly dead inside and dread the most basic of tasks, we do like to surprise people (constantly). We're famous for having Easter Eggs everywhere. So stay sharp, Champ.