Tactical Recovery Australia - military support - F/A 18 Fighter Jet

Who the flying f*ck are we?

Glad you asked.

TR was born after a light bulb moment watching a Gerard Butler action movie.

A sentence we never thought would come out of our mouth. 

Stick with it though. 

With ADF members close to us, and knowing the environment all too well and seeing first hand the physical and mental strain - it was only fitting that we curated something that promoted some mental downtime, rest and recovery. The purpose being to close the gap around member mental health, and removing the stigma of just 'hardening the f*ck up' and pushing through injury, fatigue and strain. 

Magnesium for the longest time has always been turned to in times of muscle relaxation and repair and combining this for 20 minutes in a tub was only fitting. 

We'll poke fun, we'll be crass & we'll push the boundaries; but we'll always support our frontline men and women. 

Back to Gerard though. After firstly wondering, how he all of a sudden got old - watching how aged, dreary and dead-set tired he looked whilst filming his action movie struck a chord. One that was  - all of us are getting old, dedicating time to careers and it shows. Gerard essentially gave us a kick in the nuts to get this party started. Weird. But true.

Our founder is not a veteran but is crazy, humble and doesn't like to be in the spotlight. She's got a sailors mouth, wicked sense of humour and has had family, grandparents and friends serve across all the forces. This was her baby, with an ethos of building brands that were profit for a purpose that gave back to communities and charities.

Just a basic everyday human doing good sh*t in an obscure and hilarious way.

Her partner is a current serving member of 15 years. His input? Total inappropriateness. Always. 

So between them both - she is the Chief of god damn fucking everything, and he and keeps us grounded (and lifts the heavy things).  You won't see much of them on socials, doing interviews or even bragging about the brand. They're silent ninja's and the brand isn't about them - it's about supporting members, veterans, first responders and humans on the frontline around the globe.

Every year, Tactical Recovery nominates an organisation that supports veterans, serving members and advocates a positive path forward. This year, we have officially partnered with Legacy Australia

We pledge $1 from every sale to Legacy Australia and are proud to support them.

You can shop the range here.

where do we
hide out?

Well, not in Pakistan for 10 years - for a start.

We're an e-commerce store, so you can't come and rock up to our place and stalk us, ok?

Our Head Office / AKA bunker is located in Sydney with talent dotting in and out nationally.

Our shit don't stink.

It really doesn't. 

Our products are Australian Made (TICK). 

We only use pure essential oils (TICK).

We test on naked bodies (TICK). 

No synthetics, irritating or shitty ingredients. (TICK)

No chit needed (TICK).

We only use pure Magnesium Sulphate (TICK)

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