Illumination Rounds | Soy Candles - Originals

Illumination Rounds | Soy Candles - Originals

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If you've been part of this salty pineapple tribe for a while, you would know by now that these hand-poured soy candles sell out, every god damn week. 

These are our old faithfuls. 

Our hand-poured soy candles are made from 100% soy wax and premium Australian made fragrances. The wicks are lead-free and they're non-toxic. Please note that the candles now coming in white tins, like our new Luxe Illum Rounds. Our photographer is as lazy as a front gate guard, so the image hasn't 

Your weapons of choice:

  • On Rotation - Monthly Candle - so these bad boys rotate each month and, most of the time, are in short-run batches. It's the luck of the draw. November= a random selection of: Plum & Black Currant Christmas Cake, Avocado & Fresh Mint, Bergamot & Sweet Tobacco, Spiced Woods
  • Coffee- if you aren't a coffee lover, then move the fuck along (and, get off our website, ok?). This gives you a total faux sense of being perky as fuck. Our new blend isn't as sweet and is a much more bold black coffee brew.
  • Creme Brulee - literally these names are exactly how they smell. The purpose of writing these descriptions is a bit pointless hey. This one is sweet, with creamy vanilla and very decadent. We know ya'll like snacky-snacks, and this one - is a lil snack of its own. 
  • Aussie Flora - this light scent is laced with Australian botanicals. Not too strong, not too light. It's just right. 
  • Dry Tobacco & Hay - if we had a dollar for every time some dickweed says "why would I want something that smells like an ashtray?". Firstly, hi - fucking dried tobacco and hay have a very earthy and sweet aroma. It's a very homely scent and surprising to those who aren't familiar with it. It's actually our best seller. So if you're a Karen - bye. 
  • Candle Snuffer - can be used as both a weapon and a candle snuffer, your choice really. However, we advise the later. These are 24cm long metal snuffers that reduce the smoke when you blow the candles out. If you want to give your candles a longer burn time and shelf life - this is a #lifehack.


Important shit. 

We've put these beauties into lightweight travel tins, which have a burn time of approx 18-20 +hrs. Contains 220g of soy wax + fragrance + our salty attitude. Our tins have changed to be white until further notice. Please don't reject us because of this.


NOTE: Always trim the wick down, otherwise the wick will be like a little mushroom, it'll burn like crap and then you'll be a sooky la la that your candle isn't performing well. So just trim it to 5mm before you burn each time. Oh, and, don't leave a candle unattended. If we don't put stupid disclaimers on things, we'll get sued by someone even stupider.  

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