Armoury Magnesium Soak Packet
Armoury, Muscle Blend -  Magnesium Soak
Armoury Magnesium Soak Packet
Armoury, Muscle Blend -  Magnesium Soak

Armoury Magnesium Soak

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Say hello to your new little friend. This bag of salty goodness is better than a 2am kebab.

We know days are spent on your feet and are relatively strenuous (unless you're in the RAAF), and the higher the tempo, the more repair and recovery time your body needs - which sometimes just isn't an option. 20 minutes is all you need along with some soothing Daryl Brathwaite in the background.

Your muscles will be thirsty for this zesty and deeply relaxing bag of goodness. This blend has been infused with hero essential oils of lavender, known for its calming properties. Rosemary, which can assist in relieving muscular aches and pains. And, Eucalyptus may help to promote blood flow, decongesting the airways and soothe tense muscles. Use as a whole body bath soak, or in a smaller tub as a pure foot soak.

Mission of this soak: to give your muscles the kick up the arse they need (oh, and to relax them). 

  • Put on your favourite playlist
  • Chuck about 2 handfuls into the bath (or a small handful if you're just soaking your feet)
  • Calm the f*ck down and anchor for 20 minutes
  • Feel slightly more human
  • Repeat twice a week. Or don't. We're not the boss of you


These ingredients are more active than Trump's Twitter account.
  • Magnesium sulfate, pure essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender & lemon.
oh hello there...
We see you, checking us out.

We've been used on first base, and even second base. But, we rather get you off base and into the tub. Our magnesium blends will have you feeling like a zen motherf*cker.

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These salts were the bomb!

These salts were the best thing my bath had ever seen and my body after using them. Muscles definitely less tense, mind less chaotic. No option to review with 6 stars

Jessica S.
Australia Australia
******* mint


Myles B.
Australia Australia
**** hot mate

After a long day at the range. I went back to the armoury, dropped off my mags and hopped straight into a salty soak bath to recover! cheers champs! haha

Australia Australia
Love ❤️

Love love love!!! Name is funny AF! Perfect after a gym sesh!

Tiffany K.
Australia Australia