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Let's get you off base and shower you with some lovin'.

Yeah we get it, you don't have a bath OR you have poor time management and can't soak for 20 mins. Neither of which is our problem. 

For those who still need a mag fix on their muscles sans the tub time, then hello - this is for you. Your muscle recovery game can still be strong by simply using our daily Mag Shower Gel and applying our Mag Muscle Spray to tight or shitty areas post shower. 

Bundle Contains:

  • 1 x Mag + Coffee Shower Scrub (for your shitty skin)
  • 1 x Mag Shower Gel (chosen randomly by us, don't complain Susan)
  • 1 x 100ml Mag Muscle Spray (to use pre or post shower)
  • 1 x Illumination Round (we'll flick you our favourite of the month) 

 *Important stuff: discount codes and vouchers not eligible for bundles. Shower Gel is chosen at random between Lights Out and Reveille, mmkoiiiiiii.

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