Reveille Magnesium Soak (new)

Reveille Magnesium Soak (new)

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Yeah, that's right Champ Burger - we wear the pants now, while you take yours off. You can't pull rank with us in this tub.

Get your frowny, angry and salty attitude into the tub with our motherfucking spicy blend of fennel, cinnamon bark and, black pepper.  

This new batch has been formulated with natural extracts to assist with deep muscle recovery, blood flow, and circulation so that your body can wake the hell up. 

The mission of this soak: work deep into tense muscles and promote tissue repair.

  • Leave the group chat
  • Lock the door
  • Chuck about 2 handfuls into the bath (or a small handful if you're just soaking your feet)
  • Calm the f*ck down and anchor for 20 minutes
  • Feel slightly more human (results may vary)
  • Repeat a few times a week. 
  • Email DHA and tell them they need to increase their average bath size.


These ingredients take over your body faster than China takes over the South China Sea:
  • Magnesium sulfate, sweet orange, clove leaf, fennel, cinnamon bark, black pepper, cardamom.

Speaking of new products. Did you know we've also got brand new Illumination Rounds?

oh hello there...
We see you, checking us out.

We've been used on first base, and even second base. But, we rather get you off base and into the tub. Our magnesium blends will have you feeling like a zen motherf*cker.

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