Mini Magnesium Soak Sample Pack - tactical recovery

Mini Soak Sample Pack

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The sample pack you need if you've got an inability to commit to the bigger things.

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Our sample pack includes a mix of 5 muscle soaks, all in mini 150g sizes (enough each for a single bath or foot soak).Β 

You might be flung some of our newbies, some of our limited edition ones or some of our OG's. Either way - you'll just need to enjoy whatever the fuck we give you. Your body and muscles will love all of it. Wanna set the mood? Grab the soy candle samples too.

Well, first up you're a tight ass OR you don't want to commit to a big packet yet - either is fine with us. Just, come back once you're done with these mini's and get yourself onto bigger things. This mini pack is enough for 5 baths, so we expect you to be a zen motherchucker by the end of it.

Each mini soak is enough for 1 bath or 1 foot soak. So simply smash out a tub of water, chuck the bad boy in and off you go.

Check out each of our main Mag Muscle Soak products for individual ingredients. (Honestly, we couldn't be f*cked typing them out here).

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