EKO Magnesium Muscle SOak
EKO Relaxing Muscle Soak
EKO Magnesium Muscle SOak
EKO Relaxing Muscle Soak

EKO Magnesium Soak

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Take an Early Knock Off, grab a coldie & join us in the tub.

The EKO batch magnesium muscle soak has been formulated to assist in balancing the mind & body. 

We've boosted this little nugget of gold with rose geranium; known for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Ylang-Ylang - which can assist to restore mental balance and invigorate. And, sweet orange which can help to calm the mind and relieve inflammation. Basically, you'll feel like a relaxed badass who can take on the world after this. 

Mission of this soak: to balance your mind, hormones, and of course - relax your god damn muscles.

  • Grab a novel or put on one of John Farnham's 89,000 bangers
  • Chuck 2 handfuls of salts into your bath
  • Calm the f*ck down and anchor for 20 minutes
  • Feel slightly more human
  • Repeat twice a week. Or don't. We're not the boss of you. 


These ingredients are almost kinder than that Clerk who does your paperwork for you.
  • Magnesium sulfate, bad-ass unicorn vibes, essential oils of rose-geranium, ylang-ylang & sweet orange.
oh hello there...
We see you, checking us out.

We've been used on first base, and even second base. But, we rather get you off base and into the tub. Our magnesium blends will have you feeling like a zen motherf*cker.

Check us all out
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Salt Salty Saltier Saltiest !

This is the best **** for damaged veteran muscles, stressed out parent muscles, post workout high muscles and generally any body that needs a good 20 minute soakfest !

Glenn C.
Australia Australia
Buy 5, you won’t regret it!

This was the first soak I bought and I love it and continue to purchase it! It smells amazing, makes the entire bathroom smell amazing!

Tiffany K.
Australia Australia
Got Kids??

Love the soak. Hands down my favourite of the range. If your parents and want to put your kids to sleep, then chuck them in the tub with some of this magical salty goodness.

John M.
Australia Australia
Washing off the fuckery

Better then being told field is cancelled. Ok maybe not that good, but this a fucken great product tk relax with after a receiving fuckery all week.

Australia Australia