EKO Relaxing Magnesium Muscle Soak Epsom Salts - Tactical Recovery
EKO Muscle Soak

EKO Muscle Soak

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Take an Early Knock Off, grab a coldie & join us in the tub.

We have a boss who's a complete and utter dictator, so we can appreciate the need to switch off, leave work and have absolutely nothing to do with anyone for a few solid hours. 

We've boosted this little nugget of gold with rose geranium; known for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Ylang-Ylang - which can assist to restore mental balance and invigorate. And, sweet orange which can help to calm the mind and relieve inflammation. Basically, you'll feel like a relaxed badass who can take on the world after this.

Need a recruit for the shower? Flog this while you're at it.

This is a softer soak, ideal for something a little more tranquil and relaxing and a less less punchy and in your f*cking face (like the Armoury sport soak).

Grab a novel or put on one of John Farnham's 89,000 bangers, chuck 2 or 3 healthy handfuls of salts into the bath and then, enjoy the shit out of it.

Magnesium sulfate, bad-ass unicorn vibes, essential oils of rose-geranium, ylang-ylang & sweet orange.

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