Operator Soy Candle

Operator Soy Candle

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If Matt Best was a candle, this would be it. 

Dunno who that bloke is? Google it. 

We'll be disappointed if we don't see this rockin' around 2CDO. 

What's it smell like? It smells like greatness, the interior of a Hilux and big weapon energy - all rolled into one. 

Need to know how long these evidence burners will last for? Hold our beer.

TIN: burn time of approx 20-25H

JAR: burn time of approx 60H

Made from 100% pure soy wax, zinc & lead-free cotton wicks and premium Australian made fragrances.

Trim the wick down after each use, otherwise it'll become like a little black mushroom, start to make things go all black and sooty and then you'll be all sooky. So do what we say, ok? All of our candles are individually hand-poured, so just shut the absolute hell up if there are any tiny imperfections, otherwise, send your complaints to Matt in customer service. As long as it's not the marketing team, we don't care.

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